Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy Weekend

Saturday morning we woke up to a sheet of ice.  Everything was covered!  Holden basketball was cancelled and we decided to take it easy and stay around the house.  While the boys played Star Wars I stocked the freezer with cinnamon rolls. 
7 pans to be exact.  Something about cold weather makes me want to cook, I am not sure why but it does.

After baking, I finished up a couple of items I had been working on.  First were the boys new mailboxes for our countdown to Valentine's Day.  Nothing fancy, I just painted a heart with their initial in the middle. 

I even made mailbox for Kevin and I too. We will start our countdown on February 1st.

I follow a website called for ideas to do with the boys.  A couple of months ago they posted an idea and a file for ABC Scripture Books.  I loved the idea and had been wanting to make them for the boys and finally finished them this weekend.  I laminated the pages so that they will hopefully last longer. 

I love how each scripture has a picture to go with each verse. 

It really make it easy for the kids to understand and remember.  

As you can see it was a rather lazy weekend due to the icy conditions outside, however, we stayed warm at home with movies, playing games, cooking, and finishing up some small projects.

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Cameron said...

Girl you are one dedicated mama! I love it! I need to follow in your footsteps. Meant to ask on the flubber post...where did you get the boys' cute aprons???