Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not the day that I hoped for.

Well, Thursday night's snow was not as much as we expected or that I had hoped for at least.  Especially, not enough for school to be called off.  Instead it was our usual routine, breakfast, school, then lunch.  However, today after we picked up Holden from school we rushed home and changed into our snow gear.  Yes, we braved the frigid temperatures for a little outside fun.  
While Holden was in school Rylan and I bought a snow tube.  I know, as if we did not have enough snow toys. And would you know it, the boys were just dying to try it out.

If only we would have had a little more snow this new tube would have been so much fun.  The boys obsession with eating the snow continued. 
I just do not get it! 

We were able to sled a little in the back yard before deciding it was too cold to stay out any longer. 

Once the Holden and Rylan striped out of their snow gear, it was time to warm up hot chocolate and muffins.
Not the snow day we had hoped for but fun none the less.

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