Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Fishes

Rylan had his first swimming lesson without me going into the water with him.  When I first signed him up I was not sure he was going to be ok without me going in with him but I signed him up anyways.  I was able to find a time where both Holden and Rylan could have their lessons at the same time which makes it a whole lot easier on me. 

All afternoon Rylan was excited about his upcoming lesson, he even took a nap in his bathing suit!  Once we arrived for their lesson they were both still excited and thankfully it continued.  He went right over to his teacher and sat down. Yes, I was in shock.

They worked on blowing bubbles, splashing and kicking.

Holden's lesson was over in the back corner working on technique so I did not get great pictures of him.  I'll try next week.

Rylan's first lesson on his own was a success!  He loved it and can not wait until next week.  And Holden did great as well as I said they are turning into little fishes. 

Pancake Day

Did you know yesterday was National Pancake Day?  Well, I would not have known either but the constant commercials on the radio for IHOP offering free pancakes, made this day pretty well known.  Our mornings are pretty busy so instead of having pancakes for breakfast we made them for lunch.

I let the boys have free reign of making their own pancakes. They could add food coloring, sprinkles, chocolate chips, whatever they pleased.  Rylan went completely crazy with food coloring and sprinkles!  Look at his colorful creations. 

Aren't they beautiful!  I love the colors!  Holden went just as crazy after he saw Rylan's.  Look at his colorful stacks! 

When asked which one they liked the best, all of them was the answer but especially the one they named "Birthday Cake pancake".

Isn't it a beauty with sprinkles and chocolate chips.

And wouldn't you know these two ate almost 5 pancakes!  I think we will have to have our own "National Pancake Day" more often!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Training

Our wacky weather continues, yesterday it was freezing outside. Then today, it was cold but the sun was shining which made it feel so much warmer.  We were all itching to get outside and enjoy the sunshine so we took the boys the park to run off some energy.  But instead of letting the boys run wild, Kevin decided it was the perfect time to start practicing baseball.  A spring training of sorts. 

First he helped position the boys correctly, then there we lots and lots of hits.

Rylan thought it was a great idea to run after each hit, even if it did not go too far.

Next, on Kevin's spring training had the boys practice throwing. 

After throwing,  they practiced catching.

Spring training was a success, especially in these twos little eyes.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A little confused?

This our third winter here in Ohio and by far it has been the warmest one yet. We actually have not had a big snow storm this winter and we have not taken a snow day yet. I probably should be knocking on wood since I have heard from several people that it has been known to snow on Easter. Can you imagine snow on Easter?  But other than a few snowy days, it really has been a rather warm winter.  Now I am not talking about 70 degree weather but it has been in the 50's quite often. Trust me, we will take the 50's over snow any day. The boys and I have been outside enjoying the Ohio mild temperatures. While we were outside yesterday, I noticed several green leaves popping up over in our flower beds. When I walked a little closer, I realized it was our tulip bulbs that we planted in the fall.

One part of me was so excited that maybe, just maybe, my brown thumb was turning green. Then all of a sudden,  I started making grand plans in my head of what else I could plant this spring and summer.  I was so excited and confident about my gardening ability .  But then reality set in, and I went into a panic. The weather forecast this weekend is calling for snow showers and freezing temperatures again! What luck!  As soon as I get something right with my gardening skills, mother nature decides to put a kink in it and get cold again.  My poor tulips are confused! They think it is almost spring!  Agg, I am hoping they do not freeze this weekend and hold off blooming just a little bit longer.  A girl can only hope I guess.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"I'm half Japanese"

Holden once or twice has asked us, "Where is Grammy from?" Or has said, "Those people on TV look like Grammy."  For the record, Kevin's mom is Japanese and his Dad is American, which makes him, half Japanese.  But other than telling Holden and Rylan a couple of times that Kevin is half Japanese, we really have not said anything about this subject.

With that said, while we were in Tennessee Holden was playing around with his cousins and pretending he was doing karate.  My nephew asked him if he took karate lessons.  Holden replied, and I am quoting, "No, I know how to do karate because I am half Japanese."  When I heard this I laughed forever! 

So today when I picked Holden up from school he came running out with his backpack on and two art projects in his hands.  He is always so excited to show me his project from Art. Their themes and use of various art applications never ceases to amaze me.  And the fact that his art teacher will not allow them to erase or throw away something that they think they messed up.   Instead she makes them rethink the project and modify what they have done.  It really helps him to think and problem solve without getting upset.   Back to today, he was so excited to show me his work.  The first project was a fish that they had to use chalk to create. 

Really cute and colorful.

The next project was a sheet that had been folded.  Holden yells, "Open that one!  Open that one! You are going to love it."  So I open it up and see what looks to be a tree branch with Japanese writing on the side.

Which Holden quickly told me it was a Japanese Bush not a tree.  He loves to correct me!  I told him how much I loved it and how beautiful it was when he says to me, "I knew how to paint it so beautiful because I am half Japanese!"  Oh my gosh, I died laughing!  Especially after he told me he told his art teacher the same thing! 

I then asked him what was the writing on the side, "They are stamps for Beauty, Love and I forget the other."  Well, I guess he does not know it because he is really only a quarter Japanese not half.  Oh well.

After laughing forever, we were all talking in the car about what we should do today and what we should have for lunch.  When all of a sudden Holden again yells out, "Why not sushi, you know since I am half Japanese and all."  Rylan chimes in, "Yeah sushi mom." Oh my gosh, these kids! 

Since I am easily talked into things, peanut butter sushi rolls was on the menu for lunch today.

Are you thinking what I am thinking?  Yeah, they do not look Japanese to me either.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Mardi Gras Time!

Let the good times roll, or as they say in New Orleans, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!" For the past couple of years we have celebrated Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. The first year, we made cookies with purple, green and yellow sprinkles, played Mardi Gras music and I gave the boys beads that we had leftover from a party. They thought this little celebration was the best day ever. So ever since that year,  I try to do something a little different to celebrate.  And each year, I try to explain the meaning behind Mardi Gras and why we celebrate. For example, this year I tried to explain the the colors, Purple stands for Justice, Green stands for Faith, and Yellow/Gold stands for Power. An even more likely explanation for Mardi Gras colors comes from the history of the day as preceding Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. These three seasons of Epiphany (Green), Lent (Purple) and Easter (Yellow/Gold). Not sure if the boys understand the meaning yet but one thing is for sure, they do look forward to this celebration every year even if it is just for the beads, masks, and coins.

As usual, the boys were surprised this morning with lots beads,



and yes, King Cake.

This was my first attempt of making our own King Cake this year and surprisingly, they loved it!

Fat Tuesday is all about indulgence and these two enjoyed it all.

We danced around to the Mardi Gras Mambo, Holden and Rylan both pretended to throw beads, and they both enjoyed wearing all the different masks!

This is probably the funniest picture, of the!  I joined in on the fun too.  (This picture is courtesy of Holden.   He loves taking pictures of me being silly)

Just when I thought our day was complete, Holden said to me, "You know last year you let us make our own masks with feathers. How come we did not get to this year?" This little guy remembers everything! So I am sure you can guess what we did this afternoon? You guessed it, made mask!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since the boys love holiday celebrations just as much as I do, there were lots of surprises this Valentine's Day morning. 

The mailboxes were filled with goodies,

the chair backers were filled with cards,

lots of sweet treats

and a couple of small surprises too...

I am sure you can guess, Star Wars guys.

After a heart shaped breakfast we were off to school but afterwards, we played most of this snowy and wet Valentine's Day inside together.

As a special treat for dinner we made homemade heart shaped pizzas

and the boys enjoyed their holiday favorite, champagne. 

Nothing too elaborate but sweet enough for these two sweethearts.  However, I am pretty sure we will all be going into sugar detox as of tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes.

Happy Valentine's Day!