Friday, February 3, 2012

100 Days of Kindergarten Celebration

Once we came back from Tennessee on Monday afternoon, I knew we had a pretty busy week ahead of us.  First was Holden's 100 Days of Kindergarten Celebration.  Has it really been 100 Days of school?!  Yikes, that means I that much closer to having a 1st grader.  But we will not think about that quite yet.  The kids have been counting the days since school began.  I think some of them may have been a little confused and thought that on day 100, it meant school was out for summer or that they were going into 1st grade.  Not the case, but completing 100 Days of Kindergarten was cause for a celebration.  Each child was asked to bring 100 of an item to add to the class trail mix.  Holden's decided on mini M&M's.  From the looks of the trail mix, it seems that all of the kids had in mind something sweet.  Each child added their items and then each had a turn to stir before they enjoyed this sweet class trail mix. 

While the kids we out at recess, Mrs. Knight hung a special surprise...a pinata! 

The kids went wild!  Each had a turn hitting the pinata but after several turns we had to pull the string for the treats to fall out.

Mrs. Knight was really thinking, she had a bag with each child's name on it with goodies inside.  Therefore, no fighting over candy and no tears!  Whew!

Each child was also asked to bring 100 of an item to share.  Holden went with sports foam stickers.

Finally, after each child passed out their items it was time for one last surprise...a 100 Rice Krispie treat.

A sweet class trail mix, pinata, class items shared, and rice krispie treats all for completing 100 Days of Kindergarten!  Yes, it was quite the class celebration.

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