Thursday, February 9, 2012

All about hearts

"Busy hands equals quiet mouths."  Not sure if that saying is true in our house but I do try to keep us as busy as possible especially when it is cold outside.  As we continue our countdown to Valentine's Day, hearts are turning up everywhere in our activities.

With the old broken crayons we have, we made tie dye heart crayons with them.  We've made crayons before so this was not new to us but just as much fun. 

To actually be allowed to break crayons and not get in trouble was fun enough for the boys.  With our silicone heart trays filled with an assortment of crayons it was time to cook them.

 When they first come out of the oven they do not look all that great but once they cool, look at all the fun colors.

With red melting chocolates in the pantry, the boys decided to make their Daddy a little surprise for his mailbox.  First they carefully squeezed the melted chocolate in the trays.

As if that was not sweet enough they both decided to add some sprinkles, well actually alot of sprinkles to the trays. 

Once the chocolate harden, we had candied hearts.  A perfect surprise for Daddy!

Lastly, my heart project.  I have been in search for a large foam heart wreath for months now.  No such luck!  Finally I settled on a smaller wreath than planned for our door.  After adding felt squares it ended up not looking as bad as I had thought but I do just wished it would have been a little bigger.

I guess better luck next year but for now, this one will just have to do.

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