Thursday, February 23, 2012

"I'm half Japanese"

Holden once or twice has asked us, "Where is Grammy from?" Or has said, "Those people on TV look like Grammy."  For the record, Kevin's mom is Japanese and his Dad is American, which makes him, half Japanese.  But other than telling Holden and Rylan a couple of times that Kevin is half Japanese, we really have not said anything about this subject.

With that said, while we were in Tennessee Holden was playing around with his cousins and pretending he was doing karate.  My nephew asked him if he took karate lessons.  Holden replied, and I am quoting, "No, I know how to do karate because I am half Japanese."  When I heard this I laughed forever! 

So today when I picked Holden up from school he came running out with his backpack on and two art projects in his hands.  He is always so excited to show me his project from Art. Their themes and use of various art applications never ceases to amaze me.  And the fact that his art teacher will not allow them to erase or throw away something that they think they messed up.   Instead she makes them rethink the project and modify what they have done.  It really helps him to think and problem solve without getting upset.   Back to today, he was so excited to show me his work.  The first project was a fish that they had to use chalk to create. 

Really cute and colorful.

The next project was a sheet that had been folded.  Holden yells, "Open that one!  Open that one! You are going to love it."  So I open it up and see what looks to be a tree branch with Japanese writing on the side.

Which Holden quickly told me it was a Japanese Bush not a tree.  He loves to correct me!  I told him how much I loved it and how beautiful it was when he says to me, "I knew how to paint it so beautiful because I am half Japanese!"  Oh my gosh, I died laughing!  Especially after he told me he told his art teacher the same thing! 

I then asked him what was the writing on the side, "They are stamps for Beauty, Love and I forget the other."  Well, I guess he does not know it because he is really only a quarter Japanese not half.  Oh well.

After laughing forever, we were all talking in the car about what we should do today and what we should have for lunch.  When all of a sudden Holden again yells out, "Why not sushi, you know since I am half Japanese and all."  Rylan chimes in, "Yeah sushi mom." Oh my gosh, these kids! 

Since I am easily talked into things, peanut butter sushi rolls was on the menu for lunch today.

Are you thinking what I am thinking?  Yeah, they do not look Japanese to me either.