Friday, February 24, 2012

A little confused?

This our third winter here in Ohio and by far it has been the warmest one yet. We actually have not had a big snow storm this winter and we have not taken a snow day yet. I probably should be knocking on wood since I have heard from several people that it has been known to snow on Easter. Can you imagine snow on Easter?  But other than a few snowy days, it really has been a rather warm winter.  Now I am not talking about 70 degree weather but it has been in the 50's quite often. Trust me, we will take the 50's over snow any day. The boys and I have been outside enjoying the Ohio mild temperatures. While we were outside yesterday, I noticed several green leaves popping up over in our flower beds. When I walked a little closer, I realized it was our tulip bulbs that we planted in the fall.

One part of me was so excited that maybe, just maybe, my brown thumb was turning green. Then all of a sudden,  I started making grand plans in my head of what else I could plant this spring and summer.  I was so excited and confident about my gardening ability .  But then reality set in, and I went into a panic. The weather forecast this weekend is calling for snow showers and freezing temperatures again! What luck!  As soon as I get something right with my gardening skills, mother nature decides to put a kink in it and get cold again.  My poor tulips are confused! They think it is almost spring!  Agg, I am hoping they do not freeze this weekend and hold off blooming just a little bit longer.  A girl can only hope I guess.

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