Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Fishes

Rylan had his first swimming lesson without me going into the water with him.  When I first signed him up I was not sure he was going to be ok without me going in with him but I signed him up anyways.  I was able to find a time where both Holden and Rylan could have their lessons at the same time which makes it a whole lot easier on me. 

All afternoon Rylan was excited about his upcoming lesson, he even took a nap in his bathing suit!  Once we arrived for their lesson they were both still excited and thankfully it continued.  He went right over to his teacher and sat down. Yes, I was in shock.

They worked on blowing bubbles, splashing and kicking.

Holden's lesson was over in the back corner working on technique so I did not get great pictures of him.  I'll try next week.

Rylan's first lesson on his own was a success!  He loved it and can not wait until next week.  And Holden did great as well as I said they are turning into little fishes. 

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