Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enjoying the sunshine

Ahh, the sun is shining, temperatures are warming up, and it is starting to feel like spring.  With this great weather, all the boys want to do is play outside.  So today, I thought it would be the perfect day to make sidewalk paint for us to enjoy outside.  This recipe is so easy, equal parts of cornstarch and water, mix together and then add a little food coloring for different colors.  That is all! 

But the real test would be if the boys enjoy it as much as they enjoy sidewalk chalk!? 

I made both Holden and Rylan their own palette of paint to do as they pleased.  Rylan just painted colors.

While Holden made hearts

and we will see if you can guess what this is...

the truffula trees from The Lorax.  I guess he really enjoyed the book and movie.

So the verdict of sidewalk paint?  They loved it.  Our driveway is now colorfully filled with painted creations!  I suppose I need to stock up on cornstarch and paintbrushes for the warm days ahead.

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Amy said...

Oooh, get a few roller brushes for next time too. My girls LOVE rolling the paint onto the driveway.