Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It has been one busy weekend! I am finally getting around to posting about our St. Patrick's Day celebration.  I think is one of my favorite holidays for several reasons one, it means we are close to spring and warmer weather, two, I love the boys waking up looking to see where the Leprechaun left his pots of gold, and three, all the fun and colorful treats!  There are so many fun ideas!  Like this good rainbow treat the boys shared with their friends.  I forgot to take pictures of the actual ones with the tag but you get the idea.

As usual I made rainbow cupcakes for the boys

and this year with the extra batter I made rainbow cake pops.

I just love the colors inside!

It never fails, the boys were up bright and early yesterday searching for the pot of gold.  They followed the shamrocks to the rainbow and found the pot of gold below. 

After they found the pot of gold they ran upstairs to see what green surprises I had for them.

Lots of fun with hats and mustaches this year! 

I wanted to make rainbow waffles for breakfast but I knew all the boys really wanted were Lucky Charms! 

This is the only time of year I buy this and they just love all that sugary goodness! 

Despite our early morning wake up time we had a great St. Patrick's Day with "our" two Lucky Charms!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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