Monday, March 19, 2012

I did it again!

Last year, I ran the Mini Heart Marathon with my friend Sarah and had so much fun.  In January, we made plans to run it again together.  So once again, I started training for this race.  I had great plans to train really hard for 3 months and beat my time from last year.  However, shortly after these grand plans, I got the flu, then bronchitis, and then several sinus infections and then those grand goals slowly dwindled.  My goal then changed to just finish the race around the same time.  Which was really good considering the race coarse.  As the race day approached,  my friend Sarah realized that her training schedule for that day consisted of a 5 hour bike ride and a swim. (She qualified for the Ironman Hawaii, amazing I know!)  There was just no way she could swing the race too.  With that said, I was on my own, not that I was running at her pace or anything but it was fun to go down there with her and celebrate afterwards.  

So Sunday morning I set out to do the Mini Heart Marathon on my own.  The sun was shining as we began at 7:45, very different than last year.  Don't you remember it was freezing and raining, so much better this year!  Shortly after the race began I decided this has got to be one of the hilliest coarses I have ever run.  It was non stop hills, it did not matter that the weather was great it was still hard!  But as I crossed the finish line, I felt that runners high and realized why I decided to do this race again.  Not only is it a fun race with bands playing every 3 to 4 miles, wonderful crowds cheering you on the entire coarse, thousands of participates with the same goal to finish but it is the feeling of setting a goal and actually accomplishing it! 

As I made my way through the finish line I heard someone yelling "Momma, Momma", I looked over through the crowd and saw Kevin, Holden and Rylan.  It was a surprise to me because Kevin had decided Saturday night not to come.  Since the race was early and we knew it was going to be a huge crowd since there were over 19,000 participates in all the different races.  So when I saw them, I was totally surprised.

We made our way over to Fountain Square to get the official results.

Last year my time was 1:19:48 and this year... 1:17:42!!!!  I actually place 23rd in my age group and received a Champion Nike Dry Fit shirt and a Running Spot gift card!  Yes, I have to admit I was proud of myself. 

The big difference between this year and last year is that I feel great, which makes me wonder if I should have pushed myself a little harder but then again, I always have next year.


nicole said...

Congratulations! Is a mini marathon like a 10k distance? That's a great time...especially with little training. :)I am thinking about signing up for my 3rd half marathon here is Memphis on April 28th!!

Amy said...

Congrats, Liz.
Awesome accomplishment!!