Friday, March 2, 2012

Maple Syrup Farm

After already having to reschedule our field trip to the Maple Syrup Farm once before we were all hoping and praying that the rain would hold off today.  All week the weather has been really nice and then of course on Friday the forecast was calling for severe storms.  But with luck on our side we woke this morning to no rain.  Yeah the field trip would go on as planned. 

We traveled a bit north to Wilmington, Ohio where we were all excited to see just how they make maple syrup.  This was a small family owned farm that produces several hundreds of gallons of maple syrup.

Our sweet farmer first took us into the barn, to see the process once the sap is removed from the tree.  With this being my first time too, seeing how they make syrup, I was just as excited.  First they take the sap and pour it into this wood burning stove, then add more wood to get the sap to boil. 

Once the sap was boiling we watched until the thermometer reached 220 degrees. 

Once it reached this level, it was time to collect the syrup in a bucket and then take it to be filtered.

While we watched this process in the barn, we sampled some of their syrup.  It was very light and sweet. 

It was then explained that this years syrup is much light than in years past due to the lack of snow.  Who knew the taste of maple syrup depended on the weather.

After some sweet sampling we watched and actual tree being tapped. 

See the tiny drop?!  Kind of neat.

Then we were off into the woods to see where the "real" syrup producing trees were located. 

Mrs. Knight, Holden's teacher,  gave us a heads up that it might be a little muddy so to wear old shoes.  But "a little" was an understatement as to the amount of mud! 

I think all the little boys were just dying to just run straight through it but instead we were all really careful not to get too muddy.  We were able to see the real sap producing trees before we all headed back to the barn. 

Have I mentioned how much Holden loves his teacher?!  Well, he thinks she is pretty great.

We made it back just in time to purchase some syrup that we had just made, it was even still warm before the rain came falling down.  Talk about perfect timing! 

Now, we have tasted Ohio syrup.  An extra sweet ending to a fun filled field trip to the Maple Syrup Farm. 

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