Friday, March 9, 2012

What to do with a day off of school?

When I read the school calender for this month, I noticed that today, Friday, was Kindergarten testing.  Not thinking much of it, I just wrote the date in my planner.  Then I read further and realized it was testing for incoming Kindergartners, which meant a day off of school for us.  Holden has been asking to go to the aquarium for a while, I decided since we did not have much planned and it was chill out why not make a visit today. 

We were lucky and some how avoided the crowds.  The boys loved looking at all the fish.  As usual they always seem to enjoy the craziest fish.  Like this eel. 

Yuck!  Or these fish that we could not decide if they were fighting or kissing.

And the extra large crab and octopus are always a hit. 

I can not forget the frogs. 

You know little boys and frogs go hand and hand.

Once we were in the salt water exhibit the boys were excited to see the sharks. 

Pretty scary if you ask me.  I personally loved the jelly fish.

Finally we made our way to penguins!   On our last visit, this exhibit was still under construction so we were excited to finally see them.  We made it just in time for their feeding.  How neat. 

After several hours at the aquarium we decided it was time to head out.  However, we take a moment to view the downtown before heading home.

We have another day off in a couple of weeks, I guess I better get to planning something fun instead of waiting until the night before!

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