Monday, April 2, 2012

A day out in nature

After our early morning wake up call, thanks to Rylan, I was glad that Holden had the day off of school.  The boys and I had been planning all week for us to visit the Cincinnati Nature Center.  We have been here several times but not since they had opened the new Playscape.  We first started out by getting our "explorer backpack" from the visitor center.  It has a not pad, magnifying glass, and binoculars.  I packed an extra backpack with the same stuff, just in case they only allowed us one per family.  We started out on the trails and what I thought was suppose to be the geological hike.

However, after coming to the first creek crossing I realized I did not read the map correctly but it was too late at this point to change directions.  Plus, since the boys dressed themselves this morning, they were dressed for anything including crossing creeks. 

There is just something about boys around water and rocks they just have to throw them.  And if there is a log, yes they have to walk it.  Aren't they just alike!

Even though, our hike ended up taking all morning the boys did not seem to mind and I enjoyed the wildflowers along the trail too. After finally making our way back to the visitors center we bought some fish food to throw at the pond. 

We enjoyed a picnic lunch before making our way over to the new playscape. 

How the playscape works is really you just use your imagination to build, pretend, balance, really anything you want to do with items from nature. 

The first thing these little monkeys noticed was the stream and by now the temperatures had warmed up to the 70's so the cool water was just what the boys needed.  At first the boys did not know what they should do in this area but once I explained that they could more sticks and play how everything wanted.  They realized they were in a boys paradise.  And wouldn't you know, they found sticks that looked like guns.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I gave birth to such boys!  I swear they can make anything into a weapon.  There was lots of climbing, jumping, pretending, and stream walking. 

Literally, I think the boys could have played here all day and to be honest we did!  Holden and Rylan did not want to leave!  Even after being at the Nature Center from 9:30 until 4:00!!  Crazy!  The boys the entire way home kept asking when can we go back. 

Nothing like enjoying a day out in nature.

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