Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

After our overnight excursion to Lexington, it was time to get back home and most of all, get ready for Easter Sunday.  All week long the boys have been excited about Easter, the baskets, the eggs, and oh yes, the candy.  On Saturday, after a busy day of horse rides, traveling and playing outside, I could tell it was time to call it a night.  But before we came inside for the night, I had "magic" jelly beans for the boys to plant. 

With these "magic" jelly beans you plant them in the dirt and the Easter Bunny's sprinkles his magic over them and they grow into something special the next morning.  Both boys were going on and on about what they thought grow from jelly beans all during bath time.  It was quite funny. 

We set out our baskets and carrots for the Easter Bunny before bed. 

You might be wondering where Rylan is in this picture?  Well, the poor thing was so exhausted that he actually fell asleep while brushing his teeth!  It was pitiful!  So Holden did everything for the two of them.

Sunday morning, Holden was up bright and early while Rylan was still asleep.  I went ahead and let Holden look at his basket since Rylan was in need of sleep we did not need to wake him.

Soon after Rylan woke up and found his basket too. 

And some Easter table surprises from me too. 

Then we went to see just what grew from those "magic" jelly beans....

flower lollipops!  The boys were screaming with excitement and shock!  Their reactions were great.

There was just too much excitement before church to take pictures and to make it on time.  So these are the only pictures of the boys we got when we came home. 

Oh, well!  There is always next year for a family picture, I guess!

We had some friends over for Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt. 

Nothing like finding a treat in an Easter egg.  As Holden and Rylan see it, the more eggs, the more treats.

After dinner, I made dirt in clay pots with carrots growing for the kids desserts. 

In other words, chocolate pudding, oreos, and the carrot is orange icing.  Sweet, sweet and even more sweeter, what could the kids not love.

Our Easter was a little busy this year but indeed a very happy one.  Happy Easter!

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Lauren Allen said...

you are so creative!!! and your little men looked so handsome in their outfits, LOVE Ryland's hat!