Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's the end of an era

Not exactly an era but for the last 6 1/2 years, we have had a crib in use.  I know you are thinking, "What Rylan is still in a crib!"  Yes, it's true.  We tried to talk him into getting a "big boy bed" for quite some time now, however, he was just not having it!  Even when we go out of town Rylan always make sure we have his "little bed" as in the pack and play.  I am not sure if it just make him feel secure with feeling the sides of the bed or that cozy feeling of being squished.  Who knows! 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, out of the blue Rylan asked,"When am I going to get my big boy bed?"  Hmm, I guess that was his way of telling us he was ready for a new bed,   While Kevin parents were here last weekend, we decided to go and buy Rylan a bed.  Not thinking much further than the actual frame, it did not cross my mind until after the spur of the moment purchase that we did not have a mattress or bedding picked out.  Especially since the bed was being delivered on Thursday.  Nothing like rushing around!  But it all came together somehow. 

Thursday rolled around and Rylan was so excited about his new bed!  He even helped take his crib down.

Which was a shock.  When the delivery guys came, he watched intently as they put everything together. 
And when they left he was quick to help put his sheets and quilt on his new bed.  It really was so cute.  All day he told everyone about his new "big boy bed".  Finally bedtime rolled around and I was not sure how he would do, since this was his first time in a big bed. 

Well, he went to sleep great.  Ahh, sweet slumber. 

All was going well until about 4:30 am.  When all of sudden I hear talking and what sounds like jumping.  OH NO!  He woke up Holden or as we like to call him "The Bear"  Oh my gosh, of all people to wake up, Holden is not one of them!  Just like a bear, he wakes up growling!  Thankfully Holden was out of school Friday, so at least I got him to go back to sleep and at about 6:00 am I got Rylan to fall back asleep too. 

After many discussions of staying in your bed all night with Rylan. Friday night he was back in his "big boy bed" again.  I am not sure if he was just plain exhausted or the newness had worn off but he stayed in his bed all night.  And then last night he stayed all night again too. My little baby boy is now officially a big boy!  Hopefully, I am not speaking too soon, the night is still young.

So the end of an era has come.  There is not a crib set up in our house!  Yes, it is a sad day but it goes to show that time goes by so quickly.  Next thing I know, they will be starting high school.  Just kidding, but it was a big day for us.

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