Monday, April 30, 2012

Our field trip over the river and through the woods...

What a busy couple of days!  It all began on Thursday with Holden's field trip.  Trying to coordinate going on Holden's field trip, dropping Rylan off at preschool, then picking up Rylan from preschool and Kevin's schedule it is quite a task.  But thankfully, my sweet friend was able to pick up Rylan from preschool so that I could join Holden on his field trip.  This field trip we went over the river, literally, to Kentucky to Sunrock Farms.  Once we arrived at the farm, out group split into three smaller groups so that each child would have a better hands on experience as farmers for the day.  Our first chore was to feed the baby goats. 

Are they not the sweetest!  Then we milked the momma goat, I even helped with this chore.

Then we were off to collect eggs,

hold a baby chick,

hold a rabbit,

brush a horse,

and feed the goats. 

We really were turning into farmers for the day.  But I can not forget petting the pigs too. 

Since this is an educational farm the kids learned all about the animals and how they help us with our every day life and we also learned about gardening and what certain plants make.  Such as wheat, the kids were able to make flour. 

Pretty neat.  After a long day of being a farmer and having muddy, smelly, and wet feet, it was time to head back to school.  But I must say, it was a fun field trip, even for myself.

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