Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Overnight Excursion

Since both boys were off for Good Friday we decided to make a trip down to Lexington for Opening Day of Keenland.  You may remember from our trip last Spring break to Keenland, the boys had a blast watching the horses races.

After a late and sad going away party Thursday night,(my good friend Sarah and her family are moving to Minnesota and we sure are going to miss them.  Especially me!) we were up and on the road at 8:00.  Our first stop was to Pin Oaks Farm.  This farm is a private Stud Farm nestled on 480 acres.  Some of their famous horses include "Broken Val", "Cowboy Cal", and "Bob & John". 

Since we were the only family on the tour, we were given the "royal" treat.  From the moment we walked in, they gave both boys hats and took us around to see all of the horses including their new foals.  We even stopped to feed a couple of horses some clover. 

I think this was the highlight for the boys.  Once we made our way back to the main barn after the tour they again gave the boys one last surprise, books.  Yes, the owner of the farm is a children's book author too.  You might can guess what the books are about...horses!

Our next stop, Keenland to see the races.  Since it was opening day, it was packed!  But not to the point of being uncomfortable.  I just love the scene at Keenland, it reminds me of the Grove at Ole Miss.  The ladies are done up to the nines and the men are wearing seersucker pants! Ahh, now that is the South I miss! 

As always, we let the boys pick a horse for each race and bet the minimum $2.00 bets.  I know we are such big spenders.  Now the boys have two very different ways of betting, Holden goes by the name he likes best where Rylan makes his picks by the color of the jockeys shirts or the horse color.  Neither way is perfect but somehow it seems works and they always come out as winners.  And now, how that works is beyond me! 

While we were at Pin Oaks Farm they told us that they had a horse named "Let's Get Married" racing in the 7th race. We decided that would be our last race of the day.  We placed our bet on, you guessed it, "Let's Get Married" for that race.  On a side note from last years Kentucky Derby Race, "Animal Kingdom" won that race.  The jockey for "Animal Kingdom" was Johnny Velazquez and the trainer was Graham Motion who just happened to be "Let's Get Married" jockey and trainer too.  How could we go wrong? 

Well, WE WON!!!  We all thought that was pretty neat.

After a long day at the races the boys wanted to go to the hotel and swim.  Go figure!  Saturday morning we had one last surprise before heading back home.  Horse back riding!  Kevin found a farm that offered riding for kids.  Rylan was so excited.  He is our little animal lover. 

Holden was a little more cautious but warmed up when his horse started to trot.

Both boys were able to get on together at the end for one last final ride.

A perfect ending to our overnight excursion to Lexington.

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