Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break Continued...

Today was our last outing of Spring Break.  This outing I knew would appeal to both of the boys, animals, outdoors, and ice cream.  Confused?  Well, it was just an ordinary day at Young's Jersey Dairy Farm. 

This farm is located in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Which is such a cute little eclectic town.   This is an actual working dairy farm so when we first arrived, the boys ran straight to see the animals in the barn. 

Isn't the calf so cute!  Oh and the baby goats, Rylan could not get enough.  He is our little animal lover.  We fed the goats, and then fed the goat some more.

Obviously since this is a dairy farm there were lots and lots of cows.

And what farm would not be complete without a couple of tractors. 

These two had a time pretending they were farmers.  After pretending they were farmers it was time for a little fun.  We were in luck, they had their sack slides open today.

Oh my goodness, what fun!

Before we called it a day, we enjoyed some homemade ice cream from their ice cream shop. 

A sweet ending to our Spring Break.

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