Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break

Holden is off this week for Spring Break and Rylan was off two weeks .  Which makes plans a little tricky but we have managed.  Monday we all went biking on the Loveland Trail.  Kevin and I have done this together and let the boys ride in the carrier but this time Holden wanted to ride his bike.  The plan was to ride to Loveland or as far as we could get for lunch and then bike back.  Well, Holden loved the trail that he just kept peddling.  We ended up making it to Loveland, which is 6.5 miles.  We rested and had lunch then biked back!  Not once did Holden complain he was tired.  We did stop a couple of times for water but other than that he just kept biking along.  Yes, for a total of a 13 miles!  I did not exactly think we would get ride that far, especially since we had swimming and baseball practice later that afternoon but the little trooper kept going.  I told him before he went to bed on Monday that we should enter him into a triathlon since he basically did one that day.  However, when his head hit his pillow that night, he was out!  I know this will come as a shock but I did not take a picture.  Yes, not a single one:( 

Tuesday, Rylan had preschool and Holden said he did not want to do much except his one request was to go get donuts after we dropped Rylan off.  His request was granted and we basically just played at home most of the day.  Again, no pictures!

However, Wednesday, we were off and adventuring.  This time to Indianapolis, Indiana.  Indianapolis is a little less than 2 hours from our house and such an easy drive.  We were off to see the largest Children's Museum.  We planned to get there when they opened at 10:00 but after stopping for a bathroom break it was a little closer to 10:30 before we got there.  And when we drove up, the boys were screaming with excitement.  Just look at the building! 

There are dinosaurs climbing into the museum.  We knew then we were in for a great day.

While we were buying tickets we heard someone yelling, "HOLDEN, HOLDEN"  We started looking around and all of a sudden a little girl comes running up.  It is his friend Lainey from school.  What are the chance!  They were both excited and ready to see the museum.  First stop...LEGO'S! 

I am sure the boys could have stayed here all day but we had 4 floors to explore.  Next, we took a flight to Egypt.  While in Egypt we experience some of their customs.

Next up before lunch, Mr. Potato Head. There was so much to do here, you could build,

go to outer space,

there were slides, and lots and lots of potato heads displayed.  I am sure you can guess their favorite...

Star Wars.

After lunch, we saw the Dinosaurs! 

The boys were able to dig for fossils too.

Besides the Lego's exhibit, I think their next favorite exhibit was the Science Works.  There was construction, digging, water, and did I mention construction? 

They loved being "Worker Men" as they like to call them.

There were other exhibits like the mirrors, the carousel, the Indy car, Bubble Bee, and the Chihuly glass going through the center of the building. 

But our next favorite and final stop for the day was the Treasures of the Lost World.  Just from the name I knew the boys were going to spend alot of time in here!  They looked at mummies,

scuba dove for cannons,

pretended they were kings,

and helped with an archaeological dig.   

Whew, what a busy day!  Yes, we stayed until they closed!  To say it was worth the drive is an understatement. 

Just look at these kids laughing!  The boys had a blast and are already asking when can we go again!  We have one last outing tomorrow before our Spring Break comes to an end.  To think there are only 7 weeks left of school, I think I need to start planning our summer activities and outings ASAP!


Amy said...

Wow! That place looks incredible. We may have to try and stop there on our way up to Chicago this summer. Cool!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, you all would love it!! Well, worth the drive and time!