Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer begins with Strawberry Picking

One of our favorite activities to do as a family, is to visit farms that allow  you to U-Pick.  It could be apples, pumpkins, blueberries (which I still have not found a great place here yet), raspberries, blackberries, and oh yes, and strawberries.  If they allow you to pick your own, we are there.  There is just something about picking your own food, it somehow just seems to taste much better than it does from a store.

Saturday morning, we set off to one of my favorite farms for U-pick, Stokes Family Farm. Not only is the land just beautiful but this is a completely owned and operated family farm.  Not to mention, they are some of the nicest people around.  They are always directing us to "the best of the crop".  Which this year was not hard to find.  Just look at these rows and rows of strawberries.

Holden loves to find the best ones or as he likes to call them, "a winner." 

While Rylan on the other hand will pick for a bit and then decides he needs to start tasting them!

Look at these beauties!

We did not pick as much as we did last year with 16 pounds, but we did pick 10 pounds. 

After we left Stokes Farm, I told Kevin I wanted to go up the road to pick asparagus.  We had planned to stop last year but they were closed so I knew I wanted to stop Saturday.  When we came up to the farm it really did not look like much from the road so Kevin somehow talked me into letting him take us to some place he read about.  Well, I knew I should not have listened to him!  The place he took us too was awful!!!  So I told him to take us back to where I planned to go in the first place.  As I always tell him, "looks are deceiving." 

Once we pulled up to Brausch's Asparagus Farm the sweetest little old man {Mr. Brausch} met us and explained about how to pick asparagus.  Since this was my first time picking asparagus, I really did not know what to expect. 

Well, within 10 minutes I already had 2 pounds of fresh asparagus. 

Totally worth more than the $4.00 we spent!  Just look at how fresh and beautiful they look. 

Once again, I like to point out that looks are deceiving.  This farm was a gem of a find!  Especially after our farm fresh dinner we had Saturday night. 

Yummy!  There is just something about fram fresh produce and summer time, they just go hand and hand.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Kick off to Summer

Even though the official first day of summer is still a few weeks away, I always feel that Memorial Day weekend is the true beginning of summer. 

So to kick off the beginning of summer, Friday night we hosted an Ice Cream Social.  You know like the ones we used to have growing up, everyone brings their favorite topping to share and you make ice cream sundaes.  Good old fashion fun!  And to be honest what says summer without ice cream and a reason to get together.  

There were lots and lots of topping to choose from and the kids did not have a hard time deciding which ones they wanted. 

I think most of them used them all!  Just look at a few of their creations!

After the kids had a good dose of sugar, they had a mini dance party.  Our neighbor Nate was have fun teaching the boys some new moves!  It was hilarious!

Friday just happened to be my friend Robyn's birthday too and her little girls brought over a cake they made for her. 

Little Eva decided she would just help herself to the cake.

Friday was a great evening shared with friends. 

There was tons of running, lots of playing, great ice cream sundaes, and we even fired up the fire pit for s'mores, all to celebrate the beginning of summer and the season of enjoying the outdoors.

Happy Summer Yall!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rylan's Last Day of Preschool 2012

Rylan's last day of preschool was Thursday.  I was looking back at his picture from the first day of school

and then his last day of school on Thursday.

WOW!  He looks like such a big boy now! 

His last day of school was a busy one.  First his class started their festivities with a picnic,

we brought ice cream cone cupcakes to share.

After lunch there was still plenty of time for some playing.

Before Rylan's class performance they had a graduation ceremony in their classroom where they received a certificate and some other goodies. 

Our class all contributed to a group gift which one of the mom's made.  Look at this beautiful quilt she made with all of the kids pictures. 

Since I knew we were giving a class gift, I still wanted to give a little something from Rylan so I made cookies.

Finally, we all gathered in the chapel for their big performance.  I was not sure how Rylan would react in front of a big audience but as usual he was hamming it up! 

He was singing at the top of his lungs and really was having a great time.  Holden and I were laughing the entire time!  What a ham!  A sweet ending to a great year of preschool. 

My baby is growing up!  One more graduation next week before we official begin our summer break.