Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A busy weekend in Tennessee

After Holden and I returned from his field trip to the farm we quickly changed out of our smelly clothes and finished putting our last minute items in the car before we headed to Tennessee.  Thankfully, the kids are good sports and usually travel pretty well as long as we have snacks and movies, which we had plenty of both.  Finally after a very long drive we arrived with two sleeping kids and two very tired parents.  But for some reason the time change, they are central time, really messes the boys up.  They we both up and ready to play at 5:00 am!  Funny thing is Grandaddy was awake to and just laughing at both of them sneaking around the house looking for toys.  Yes, two peas in a pod or double trouble whatever you would like to call them!  Most of Friday, my cousins and I spent getting ready for the shower we were hosting on Saturday while the kids played and went to the zoo.  While we were in Covington, they were having  "Plowing for a Cure" which was pretty neat to see.   I think I need a pink tractor, what do you think?

Saturday was the big bridal shower for Liz.  She is my cousin Paul's fiance.  And we all keep wondering if she will back out before the wedding in June after being around all of us this weekend!  Just kidding.  No really, the shower turned out really cute, thanks to the help and creativity of my Aunt Becky for all of the decorations and the help of all my cousins that helped decorate and cook.  It really is a family effort when we throw parties. Even Aunt Rhonda, the monster, I mean soon-to-be mother in-law, helped us Friday night.  And provided us with lots and lots of laughs! 

Here is just a little glimpse of the decorations...

Did I mention the food?

There is nothing like being back in the south!

Here is the sweet bride-to-be, Liz....

with all of her gifts!  We decided we will have start celebrating the holidays at their house.

Oh, and how about the cakes!

My friend Christi made them and trust me, they were just as delicious as they looked.  I had her make two, lemon and strawberry, two of Liz's favorites.

After the shower and clean up, there was still plenty of time left for spending time together.  The kids had the best time playing with their cousins and Granddaddy I think enjoyed all the chaos! 

Or at least that is what he told us.

Whew, what a busy weekend but so much fun to spend it with everyone.  Can't wait for the wedding in June.

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