Monday, May 7, 2012

Derby Day Party

On the way to Tennessee last week, I sent out an email out to my potluck group (minus my friend Sarah they closed on Friday and have offically moved. We are going to miss them so much!) and another friend inviting them over for a Derby Party.  Not thinking about the dates, I forgot that Saturday I had also registered to run in the Fly Pig Marathon (not the full) with some friends.  In other words, Saturday ended up being a jammed packed day.  The race went ok, considering there were so many people and it was so humid.  Seriously, I felt like I was weaving in and out of people forever.  My time was not my best but overall ended up placing 6th in my age group. 

Once I got back, I was in full speed to finish up the food for the Derby Party.  Since most of my friends here are either from this area or up north, I decided to have traditional Kentucky Derby food.  Ham and biscuits, Kentucky Hot Browns, Cheese grits, and of course Mint Juleps.

We had a contest for the best hats.  There were lots and lots of creative ones. 

But I think hands down Amy won for her creativity and effort..

Her prize for the best hat, roses.

We had betting before the race and odd sheets printed for everyone. 

Finally, the fastest two minutes in sports, the 138th Kentucky Derby.  What an exciting Derby it was! 

By seconds, "I'll Have Another" WINS!  (He was a long shot) And our winners here...

The kids were having such a great time playing that they did not want to stop for dinner so we let them eat outside. 

Then they were off and running again. 

Holden has been asking for weeks for us to have people over and roast s'mores and finally he got his wish.  Lots of little chocolate faces.

We had so much fun Saturday.  So much that it has me planning for next years Derby Party.  Kevin and I have decided this may just have to become a tradition each year.

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