Sunday, May 6, 2012

The first baseball game of the season

I know it seems kind of late to just be starting the baseball season but with the weather here I suppose that is why they start so late.  Either way, Holden was so excited about his first baseball game.  Doesn't he look so old walking with with his baseball bag!

Before the game, the boys warmed up by throwing to each other. Rylan had to have in on the action too.

However, in the distance the predicted storm were approaching quickly.  Finally it was game time and we were keeping our fingers crossed that the storms would hold off. 

I mean look at these cute little guys! 

We got the ok to start the game but we all knew it would not be long before they would call the game.  Some how we got lucky and Holden was able to bat twice and even was able to round the bases before the sirens went off. 

Once those sirens went off, we were off and running to the car.  If you are wondering what Rylan did during the game, here is a little glimpse. 

Gosh, I can not wait until he is old enough to play.  Poor little guy just wants to be like the other boys!
Even though the first game was cut a little short the boys were thrilled and ready to play again.  As Holden would say, Go Kings Go! 

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