Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

The weather forecast this past weekend was calling for rain.  I knew if we were going to do anything our best chance was going to be Saturday.  The boys were asking to go "exploring" in other words they wanted to the Nature Center hiking.  After we got our "explorer" backpack we set off on and adventure. 

The boys used their magnifing glasses to find bugs, looks at wood chips, and reading animal tracks.

We made our way across the creeks,

and just happened to find sticks that looked like guns once again. 

Isn't that just an amazing skill these two have.

Sunday morning I was surprised with coffee and lots of homemade gifts.  A placemat from Holden,

a bird feeder from Rylan

and lots and lots of cards.

A perfect ending to Mother's Day weekend.  

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