Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our new Friday Nights

A couple of weeks ago when Holden found out that his baseball games were on Monday's and Friday's each week, I thought he was going to cry.  He was so concerned about our Friday night tradition, Movie Night.  However, after many talks that we would just move our movie night during baseball season he was finally ok with the idea of baseball on Friday night.  Yes, he is a little guy that likes routine!  And this last Friday night I broke that routine again, too.  Our game was not until 7:00 so I thought it would be fun to head over to Praco Park before the game.  They were hosting the Christian College World Series.  I knew the boys would love to see "older" boys playing baseball and I know they always have the best activities for the kids and this game was the same.

The boys had a blast watching the game and playing with all the new activity stations this year.  Just look at those smiles!  But all this fun had to come to an end at some point, we had a game to play.  We made it to our fields just in time for this little baseball player to play. 

Hmm, from the looks of things, I am thinking the boys are liking the "new" Friday nights.  Well, at least for the moment.

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