Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This and That {Weekend}

Kevin's parents came to visit this past Thursday and always when they come the boys are ready to play!  However, I am not so sure Grammy and Dad-Daddy are ever quite ready for the nonstop playing these two enjoy.  First they played baseball. 

Holden batted while Rylan was the catcher. 

What an intense catcher!  Finally, it was Rylan's turn to bat, and it was a home run! (or at least we let it be.)

Then they did some catching before Holden's big game. 

One of the main reasons they came to visit was that they wanted to see a ball game and as luck would have it, they saw a great one!  Holden and his team played awesome! 

And poor little Rylan just wants to play too.  Only a few more months and he will be out there swinging the bat himself.

Saturday was a little hectic.  I had registered to run a race with some friends a couple of months ago so that was that day and the boys were going to Prasco Park to watch a baseball game.   In other words, we were all going in different directions.  Previously, Kevin's parents had planned to come the weekend before but then Leroy decided to go to bike week.  I know I laughed too.  The idea of him choosing bike week over us!  Just kidding but as he was there that weekend he bought matching shirts for all the boys to wear! Since I was not at home to take a picture, this one was the only one they took from his phone. Three generations of Harley Davidson Bikers!

While the boys had a blast at the baseball game, my friends and I ran in the MAD Run!  Let me start out by saying, my friend Amy and I were talked into this race by my friend Kristin.  When I read about this mud obstacle race it really did not seem like my cup of tea.  And when we got to the race site, I knew this was much more than I had signed up for!   It was a 5K trail run with 24 obstacles.  That does not sound that bad but just to list a couple of the obstacles,  jumping over fire, army crawl through the mud with a bob wire roped above, several wall rope climbs with crossovers, river running, mud tunnels, log over unders in a mud pit, entrapment, and cement barricades to name a few.  Yes, you probably guessed, we were not coming out clean!  It was a great workout but I felt disgusting!!!  The entire run I had mud falling out of my clothes, and not to mention, my friend Kristin saying, "I am so in my element!"  "This is such my thing!"  At one point, I looked over at my friend Amy and said, "Yeah, I am not in my element!"   All of us finished together and actually did pretty well with our time, considering all of the obstacles. 

I am glad I did this race for one of those "cross off my list and say I have done it", but as far as me doing it again, we will just have to see!

It was such a hot weekend we finished our busy day with the boys running through the sprinklers.

Yes, nothing better then getting wet.

Another busy, yet fun weekend visit with Grammy and Dad-Daddy!

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vermonter said...

I think the photo of Rylan is so cute where he is cathing the ball. They are all such cute photos. Congratulations on your race. If you don't mind I am wondering what you use for a camera? I am looking to get a new camera.