Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Three Amigos

When the boys ask me to close my eyes because they have a surprise for me, it always make me a little nervous.  I never know what to expect, a dead bug, something they have colored, or more than likely it is something they have done to themselves like painting their face.  So when they asked me the other day to close my eyes I again was nervous and my mind was wondering, "What have they done now."  So I closed my eyes and opened them to....

TADA...THE THREE AMIGOS!  After I stopped laughing I said, "They could not be the Three Amigos, since there are only two of them, I told them they could be the "Two Amigos".  And then for the rest of the afternoon they ran around, in this attire, calling themselves "The Two Amigos".   These two defiantly keep it interesting around here!

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