Friday, June 29, 2012

Golf Camp

A couple of months back Holden asked to take golf lessons out of the blue.  I think one of his friends must have been talking about it or something but either way he showed an interest.  So when Holden's school sent home a brochure for Golf Camp I knew we just had to sign him up.  This camp was being offered by a teacher at Holden's school so I knew this would be the best experience for him.  Each day Mr. Bennett had a scripture that somehow tied into what they were going to do for that day.

Day 1,  they practiced putting and it was quickly realized that I forgot to inform his instructor that Holden was left handed and heaven forbid Holden tell him!  Whoops!  

Either way by day two he was getting much better!  I am thinking it may have had something to do with the wrong hand but what do I know.

Day 3,  much of the same, putting, using the tee, and practicing the correct form, however, on this day Holden decided he really enjoyed golf.

Day 4 and the final day, they practiced using the driver and WOW, Holden had some great shots!

Mr. Bennett was even amazed at one of his shots.  He said it went over 80 yards!  Not bad for his first time!  Now I am not saying Holden is the next Golf superstar but if he can learn to play a sport that is a life long sport while he is young and actually enjoy it, I say sign us up again.  Even Rylan was wanting to play but he is still just a little too young for lessons.  However, I do see a Father & Sons outing in the very near future.

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