Monday, June 11, 2012

He FINALLY gets to play!!!

For weeks, Rylan has sat on the bench with Holden's team.  Sometimes he sits with them and says he is the coach and other times he sits there because he wants a chance to bat at the end of the game.

With four games left in the season and the fact that summer vacation has begun, our team has slowly dwindled down to 6 players.  So when our friends were packing to leave town for the remainder of the season, they suggested that we let Rylan play and use their jersey.   Of course I loved the idea but we were not sure if the opposing team would mind.  Even though we were still not sure if he would be able to play, we went ahead and told he that he may have the chance to play in the game.   That was all he needed to hear and then all day Rylan was asking, "Is time for the game?"  "Should I go get dressed yet."  "Do you have my glove?" "Are we ready to go to the real ball game?"

Finally it was game time and the opposing team did not mind us having a fill-in player.   Don't you just love the rolled up pants we borrowed from Holden?!

Rylan did not mind his make shift uniform, he just was thrilled to be out on the field.

He was up to bat and the first time he ended up having to use the tee but the next three times he was up to bat, he actually hit the ball!

I am sure you can imagine, he was beyond thrilled to get a hit!  He hit the ball and started running, and did not stop!

Oh, if you could see his little face, he had a smile a mile wide!!  The joy on this little boys face was priceless!

Not only were we so proud of him to have the courage to go out there and play with the big boys, we were proud to see these two brothers encouraging one another.

After this special game, we decided the boys deserved a special treat afterwards.  You may have guessed it, ice cream.

While we were getting ready for bed tonight, Rylan kept telling me how he "ripped" the ball and how he could not wait to play again at the next game. Not only did he go to bed with a smile on his face but he told me he was going to dream about this day.  So precious!   I think we may just have a ball player on our hands or at least a player in waiting!

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