Monday, June 25, 2012

It's time for the Rodeo

I think Garth Brooks has the best description of a bull rider with his song "Rodeo""It's boots and chaps, it's cowboy hats, it's spurs and latigo.  It's the ropes and the reins, the joy and the pain and they call the thing rodeo."  I think this whole thrill and excitement is what also keeps the boys wanting to go back and watch some more.  The rodeo has quickly become a summer ritual.  When we asked the kids to make a list of summer activities they wanted to do, the Fox Hollow Rodeo was at the top of the list.  All week long the excitement was building for the weekend activities, first we had Star Wars Night Friday and then we had the Rodeo planned for Saturday.  I think the boys thought they hit the jackpot this weekend.

As usual, they both had to go in full cowboy attire.  Yes, they were a sight!

As soon as we got there we registered for the Muttin' Bustin', which lets be honest was probably the number one reason why they wanted to go ride the sheep.  Crazy I know, but they are boys.  What else do you expect!

There were several kids registered for the Muttin' Bustin' and Holden and Rylan were the last two to ride.

Holden went first and hopped right on this little guy.

But then his sheep did not want to move so they popped him on his side and he shot off like a bullet!  I think the look on Holden's face says it all.

I could not decide if this was fear, shock, or sheer determination either way Holden held on tight until the very end.  Next up, little Rylan.  They gave him the little sheep but little did we know he was the fastest of the two!  Rylan got on and was ready to ride.  His sheep did not have a problem with running in fact he was a little too fast.

Rylan held on tight but in the end, he fell off!

I was a little scared and started running to get him, since he did go face first after all but then before I could get to him he jumped right up and started handing out high fives to the cowboys!  Let me tell you, Rylan is one tough little guy.  As Kevin and the boys were exited the arena, I told Kevin we were not going to win parent of the year award any time soon for this event!  We both just laughed.  We were so thankful Rylan was just a little dusty and not hurt.  It did not seem to bother him at all he was loving all the attention people were giving him about what a great rider he was.  As you can imagine, he was hamming it up!  

Finally it was time for what we had all been waiting for, the Bull Riding!  Once again they prayed for the safety of these cowboys and trust me they needed it!

These bulls were huge and wild! Not a good combination!

All I have to say is WOW!  It is always exciting to watch these bull riders.

The champion for the night was a 16 year old!!!  I can not imagine ever letting the boys do this!!  I think we will just stick to Muttin' Bustin' for the boys thrills.

One more summer activity marked off our list with an exciting evening at the rodeo.  It was an adventure for us all.

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Lauren Allen said...

I can only imagine Rylan "hamming" it up for everyone! haha! And you are a good momma for letting them try it, I think I would be to fearful something bad would happen!!Those boys are beyond cute!!