Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

Thursday was Holden's last day of school.  It just seems like yesterday we were just beginning the school year. 

Wow, time has flown!  He has grown so much and not to mention he has lost so many teeth!

The halls were lined with pictures of the children from ages 1-6, along with a self portrait.

Here is Holden's masterpiece.

Thursday morning Holden's class performed several songs and poems that they had learned throughout the year.

After their performance they received their Kindergarten Graduation certificates.

Holden is really going to miss Mrs. Knight next year!  She is truly one of the best teachers around.  Once the certificates were handed out,  it was time to celebrate the children's hard work. 

Our class was in charge of the finger foods and I thought it was only fitting to bring graduation cupcakes.

Hard to believe Holden is a 1st grader!!!  But then again, we have all summer to grasp that idea!

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Sarah N. said...

OMG ... he really has grown so much this year. He looks so handsome in his suit!