Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rolling down the river

Saturday morning we met up with some friends to go canoeing on the Little Miami River.  The kids were beyond excited not only to be going canoeing but they were with some of their closest friends which made this day extra exciting for them.

I decided it would not be the best idea to bring my camera with us.  Lets think, two little boys, water, and two inexperienced canoeing sounded like a disaster waiting to happen.  But I was able to capture some of our day with my phone.

We picked our life jackets, paddles, and canoes and set off on an adventure down the river.

We all knew ahead of time that we would have to stop several times with the kids to let them swim, play, or eat.  Our first stop was at an old rope swing, which the boys could not resist trying out.  Rylan decided he did not want to try the rope swing, however, Holden swung several times and loved it more and more each time he got a turn.

Next stop, the boys swam and did what kids do dirty!  They loved, and I do mean loved the mud!

I remember doing this as a child too.  I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

We saw turtles, hawks, fish, and even a water snake...I was not too excited about the last creature we saw but thankfully, we were in the canoe.

We canoed 6 miles with lots of stops for the kids to play.  I think this little adventure is one they will be talking about for months to come.  They all had a blast and were asking,"When can we do this again" and "Next time can we go longer."  I was thinking longer?! Are you kidding me?!  We were out there from 11:00 until 4:30 much longer we could have to camp out!  Hmm, maybe that can be our next adventure together with these little munchkins.  But for now, we will just have to reminisce about what a fun day we all had together canoeing.

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