Saturday, June 23, 2012

Star Wars & Baseball?!

You may be wondering what Star Wars and Baseball have in common right?  Well, it was Star Wars Theme Night at one of our favorite baseball venues, Prasco Park.  Throughout the summer they have special theme nights where they will do things revolving around that theme.  And last nights theme was Star Wars!  I knew this was an event the boys would not want to miss.  On the website it said, "Costumes encouraged". Holden and Rylan took this as an ok to dress all out in their costumes "like the real characters".  So here are Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader entering the ball park.

These Halloween costumes sure have gotten their moneys worth!  When we entered, the boys were able to pick out one Star Wars toy courtesy of Prasco Park.

They also had several Star Wars gift baskets as giveaways throughout the night. As I have said before, they have the best family events and this one did not disappoint once again.

We were able to find seats in the shade before opening pitch.  Talk about lucky!

As I said earlier the theme of Star Wars was through out the stadium, even the concession stands with Yoda Juice, Darth Dogs, & Light saber Pretzels.  The boys both thought this was just great.

After watching the game for a bit the boys found some friends who had they same idea that they did, Light saber Battling!

Kevin and I were both laughing at how serious all the kids were with their battling. Must be a boy thing.

Once the game was over, they showed the original Star Wars movie.  However, since it was already 9:00 and considering the boys go to bed around 7:30 we were already pushing our luck, we opted not to stay for the movie.  It did not seem to bother the boys since they were asleep before we even made it home.  Again, I think it is safe to say they both had a great time at Prasco Park's Star Wars Theme Night!

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