Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Tennessee Family Wedding-Part II

The weather on Saturday was absolutely perfect for a family wedding.  Even though this was such a joyous occasion, it was also a sad one at the same time.

Not because Liz and Paul were getting married, no, it was sad  because of all the people that were missed that day; Liz's mother passed away 4 years ago, my Uncle Paul Allen (Paul's Dad) passed away several years ago, and then my sweet Memaw who was looking forward to this day for so long, passed away in January. They were all missed so very much this day.  But I know in my heart, that they had a front row seat for the occasion and trust me, I know they were all so proud of these two!

For the ceremony, Liz wore her mother wedding dress, which was such a special touch for this day.

 And Paul looking as handsome as ever, wore his boots!

Granddaddy was the best man

and little Luke was the ring bearer.  He was adorable in the wagon!

The ceremony was short and sweet with one minor glitch, the unity candle would not light!  While to anyone else this would not be a big deal, but Paul leaned over to the preacher and asked, "What does this mean?"  The preacher answered, "Just like in love and marriage you have to constantly work at keeping the light burning otherwise, it will go out."  A perfect analogy I thought.

After the ceremony, Liz changed into her wedding dress, complete with her cowboy boots too.  She looked beautiful.

As well as my nephews and boys.  What a handsome bunch of guys if I do say so myself!

The reception was at Liz's Dad's house right down the road and it was true southern style.  Mason jar lights, shrimp galore, cobbler, a beautiful cake, and dancing all night.

We all had a wonderful time, especially the boys!  Rylan was smitten with this little girl all night!

He followed her around and even asked her to dance!

Such a little ladies man.  Holden on the other hand, was in boy heaven with all the land!  He found a frog, a cricket, and lightning bugs.

He is such a boy!  He did not want to leave!

As these little love birds set off on their honeymoon and begin their new lives together as newlyweds, our wish for them is to have many, many years of love and happiness together!  Congratulations!

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