Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We are the champions!!!

Monday night the last baseball game for the Kings.   Holden has come a long way this baseball season.  Not only has he improved his skills, he had a great time this season.  Monday's game was a great one too.  Holden had 4 at bats and 4 hits, 3 outs, and overall a great game.

If you may remember, Rylan was able to play in last Sundays game and has played every game since then.  He has had such a great time playing.  Really I think this made his year.  He felt just like a big boy or as he would say, "a real baseball player".  To be the youngest one on the field, he really kept up with the big boys.  Which was a surprise to us all.  Mondays game he had 4 at bats and 3 hits, and actually almost got an out.  Pretty impressive considering he is only 3!

  After one of his hits and runs around the bases, he came back in the dug out and saw his little girlfriends playing.  He proceeded to walk over and ask them, and I quote, "Hey Girls!  Did you see me hit that ball?"

Oh my gosh!  He is going to be a handful when he is a teenager!!

Once the game was over, the boys said they won a championship.

I guess it was only appropriate that the champions receive a trophy.  However, on the way to the field on Monday, we prepared Rylan that he would not be getting a trophy at the end of the game since he was not officially part of the team, to avoid any tears.  He seemed to be ok with the idea and understood.  Well, much to our surprise, after all the boys received their trophies, Coach Bill awarded Rylan with his first ball he hit on his first game.  He was beyond thrilled.

Our little champions were ecstatic to end the season on such a memorable note for both boys.

Way to go guys!!!

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@somerskys said...

it is so awsome that u guys prayed for those bull riders!! Nothing like the protection of the BLOOD:') NOTHING :'))