Thursday, June 14, 2012

Welcome to Summer Tradition

I am a little late with this tradition but after we came back from Tennessee last week, Holden attended a morning camp for three days.  So yesterday, we finally had our "Welcome to Summer" day.  Just like in years past, we started out our morning with surprises

and watermelon waffles as a fun breakfast.

These are always a favorite!

After breakfast, the boys quickly changed into their bathing suits for our day outside.  I set the backyard up with different stations.  First station was the water balloon toss.

I have learned that even though I think I have filled plenty of water balloons the night before, somehow these two go though them so quickly.

Maybe it has something to do with all the water balloon fights.

Just a thought.

We played Pin the Fin on the Shark,


and had sack races.

But I have to say some of the boys favorite games were water gun fights

and who could make the biggest splash.  Look at how high they got in the air with their jumps!

I just love their expressions!!

Even though summer break began last week, the boys claimed it did not officially begin until our "Welcome to Summer" day.   I guess they really do look forward to our little tradition after all.  

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