Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We finally gave in...

We have lived here almost 3 years, which is hard to believe, and have never been to Kings Island.  I know it is hard to believe but we have never been.  If the truth must be told, I am not a huge amusement park fan.  I do not like crowds, I do not like lines, I do not like heights, and I do not like germs, and what do amusement parks have, ALL of the above!!  But most of our friends have season passes and all of Holden's friends always talk about "going to Kings Island" all the time, not to mention we only live 10 minutes away,  none of this was helping my cause.  At the beginning of the summer we asked the boys to make a list of things they would like to do, wouldn't you know, Kings Island was on that list.  With just a few weeks left before school starts back, Kevin bought discounted tickets to Kings Island as a surprise for the boys.  When we pulled in the parking lot the boys started saying, "Holy Guacamole this place is awesome."  "Wow, look at this place."  "This is totally awesome."  Yeah, don't you just love all the new words they have learned!

We first headed to Snoopy Planet for the more kiddie rides.

One of the boys favorite rides was the bummer cars.  Rylan probably had too much fun!  He had his mouth open the entire time!

He was also yelling, "Take that!"  as he would run into cars and then laugh.  I know he is a total mess!  Holden had a blast too but just was not taunting people like Rylan.

Next were the airplanes and whirlybirds.

Kevin went on the Kite Eating Tree with the boys.

Can you guess who was not so sure about this ride?!

Oh my gosh, the fear on Holden's face!  But as soon as they got off, he wanted to go again.  Now he looks a little better, still not so sure but better than the first time.

But as I told Kevin, we do not have to worry about Holden jumping out of an airplane or being a huge thrill seeker anytime soon.  As for Rylan, well, he is another story!  The kid has NO fear!

The kiddie roller coaster was next and boy did they have fun!

One of my favorite rides as a child was the log ride but considering I am pregnant, I just watched and took pictures.

Wondering where Holden is???  In the back!

I actually think he was hiding but he said he liked it and wanted to ride again and again and again.

After a very long day at Kings Island and tons of other rides, we finally called it a day.  Hallelujah!!!  The boys were exhausted and had a blast.  Of course as soon as we were leaving they started asking "When can we go again?"  Ugg, isn't one time enough?!  I think this may be a battle I will never win.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Our first harvest!

Today, we picked our first harvest from our box garden.  We picked a couple of tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.

We have more tomatoes, squash and green beans that are almost ready to be pick but today we just had this little harvest.

Holden was adamant about washing the peppers and tomatoes as soon as we came in so I gave him that job to do.

Now, we did not have enough to make much from this small harvest but the boys have requested salsa, I may just have to add a little from our home stash to fulfill their request.

One thing is for sure, our family garden is so much fun!

Friday, July 27, 2012

First of many pictures

It has been a busy week between VBS, golf lessons and playdates that I have not had a chance to post the first picture of Baby Port #3.  Here is a glimpse of our newest little man...

It was like he was giving me a little wave "Hello Mom".  I just love it!  I have a similar ultrasound picture with Rylan which make me wonder if this little man will have the same personality?!

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's a....

Today was my 20 week check-up and ultrasound appointment.  Kevin and I both decided a couple of weeks ago that it would be best if I went to this appointment alone since they're long.  Well, this got me to thinking, how are we going to tell the boys if the baby is a girl or a boy?!  After thinking of ideas and searching Pinterest, I decided on a reveal box for the day.

We had a busy morning of VBS followed by golf camp so the boys were worn out but still excited about the big reveal.  After my appointment, I went and filled the box up with balloons and met Kevin and the kids.  So will it be a Boy or a Girl?!  Watch and see.....

Now, it's time to open the box!

I love every ones reactions!

Kevin truly was surprised.  The boys really wanted a brother and as you can see, their wish was granted.

Another baby boy will soon fill these little booties!

We are thrilled that the baby looks healthy and is doing great.  Now, we will anxiously await his arrival in December.  I am sure it will be here before we know it!