Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Day Out with Friends

One of our favorite parks we found last summer was the Children's Garden in Dayton.  Literally, it has it all!  Beautiful grounds, neat exhibits, trails, water, caves, sand, ponds, and so much more.  But the best of is all free!

When I was planning this week's activities, I knew we had to go to the Children's Garden.  We asked our friends if they wanted to come with us and since they had not been before they were thrilled to join us for the day.  The boys were thrilled too especially after we decided to car pool together.  Geez, you would have thought   they won the lottery!

As soon as we arrived at the park they all ran to the grapevine maze.

Then on to my favorite part, the gardens!  I just love all the different garden themes. they are all beautiful.

Finally we made our way to the Children;s garden and the kids favorite part...the water!  On a hot day, like it was, this was a perfect way to cool off.  The kids had a blast running through the water,

walking in the streams,

playing in the sand,

and watering the plants.

After a picnic lunch the kids were off and playing again.

How they have so much energy is beyond me!  Rylan was taking a "little break", in other words he was getting tired, (finally someone)

and spotted a dragonfly by the pond.

We called it a day after many hours of playing and trust me they all had a blast especially the little ones, they both fell asleep on the way home.  A fun day out with friends, isn't that what summer is all about.

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