Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last day at the beach and the LONG drive back!

Our last day in Cape San Blas, Allie, Ashford, Holden and I biked to the Lighthouse while the others opted to ride in the car.  I am guessing the heat may have been a factor in their decision but we all met up together at the lighthouse.

This area is being eroded at a rapid pace.  They had a picture of where the Lighthouse sat a few years ago and to see where it is now is unbelievable.  To prove my point this is the beach.  It almost looks like a deserted island.

Since there was not much to see besides the lighthouse we made our way back to the house.

I am sure you can guess how we spent the rest of our day, you guessed it, at the beach.  I am not sure if it rained the night before but there was seaweed everywhere.

Ever since our snorkeling adventure, Holden has been obsessed with snorkeling.

Somehow he talked Rylan into netting with him.

These two are just so funny.  They did somehow catch a crab and a couple of fishes too.

We had a full day outside playing catch, playing in the water and just enjoying our last day.

Sunday morning we said goodbye to our beach house for the week and set off for our long drive back to Ohio.

Traveling with Holden and Rylan is always an adventure!  If they are not asking for a new movie, another snack then they are asking for a bathroom break.  One of our many stops on our way home was interesting to say the least.  When we got out of the car the first thing we saw was this sign...

are you serious, Alligators at a gas station?!  But the sign was correct!  There were alligators!


We made a stop in Atlanta for the night, but I think we were there less than 12 hours, before finishing our drive the next morning. Even with our long drive, I know we all had such a great time at the beach with the family.

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