Monday, July 9, 2012

On the road, again!

Last Saturday we headed South for the beach.  Usually we go to Hilton Head but this year,  we made plans to join my sister at Cape San Blas, Florida.  Now just in case you did not realize, living in Ohio,  Florida is no where close to us.  So we broke the drive up and stopped in Huntsville, Alabama to stay with my Aunt Betsy for the night.  The boys were excited to stay with her since she is station at Red Stone Army Base.  The boys kept talking about all the soldiers they were going to see and so on but since it was late Saturday afternoon when we arrived, there really were not any around.  However, we did see a couple of helicopters land and lots and lots of bunkers.

After we toured around the base, we went to watch the Huntsville Stars.

I think it had to be one of the hottest days this summer but the kids did not seem to mind.  They were ready to catch a foul ball.

Don't worry Aunt Betsy spoiled them and actually got them a ball after the game.

Sunday morning we started on he final leg of our drive to Florida.  And finally, yes, finally, we made it!  The kids went wild running around, running in the waters, and visiting with their cousins.

Since we were all tired from the drive we called it a night pretty early in hopes that the we would start the beginning of our vacation well rested.

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