Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Snorkeling Adventure

Cape San Blas is a true beach town meaning, no grocery stores, no franchise's, no tourist hot spots, no tours really of any kind, really nothing. A true beach town.  When I was looking for activities for us to do, I had to look at the next town over, which is where the grocery store, Piggly Wiggly, is located by the way, Port St. Joe. Still there was not too much to do.  So when I came across a tour called "A Family Snorkeling Safari" I called and made reservations!  I knew the boys would love this.  Well, as luck and a lack of sleep would have it, when we woke Holden up Friday morning he was not excited about the excursion at all.  However, I knew best, just get him dressed and in the car and he will love it.  Finally, he calmed down after a couple of cinnamon rolls and became excited about our adventure.  My brother in-law Clif joined us for this adventure too.

First let me start off by saying that Port St. Joe is such a cute and quint little town.  The boys especially loved that our name was everywhere, Port Theatre,

 Port Inn,

Port Bay, there was our name "Port" everywhere.

The boys thought that was really neat.

We started out getting fitted with goggles, snorkel, and flippers.  The boys excitement really set in at this point. We traveled out by boat to an island where there was sure to be plenty of marine life for us to view.

After some instructions on what we should stay away from, the diving flag was hoisted and we were able to explore.

 Holden was the first one in and was a little unsure about his flippers until he got the hang of it and then he was out collecting!

Little Rylan was in the water for less than a minute and decided his flippers had to go!

After that though he really got the hang of floating and looking in the water.  We were all given a nets to collect various marine life and bring it back to the boat and place them in buckets for a Show-and-Tell before we left the island.

Rylan and I found sea er chants, conch baby star fish, oysters, and lots of different shells.  Kevin and Holden found sand dollars, sea er chants, a fish of some sort, horseshoe crabs, sea slugs, and lots of shells too.  Clif was a snorkeling king,  he found so many neat things and not to mention lot of cool empty shells!

for those of you that know Rylan knows how he loves his snacks, so of course he had to swim in for a snack break.

Holden, yes the one who did not want to come, was the last person to come back on the boat he did not want to stop snorkeling!

First thing he said when he came on the boat was, "Can we do this again tomorrow?"   See, doesn't Mom know best!  I knew he would love it, and I was right, he did.

Before leaving we had Show-and-Tell.  There was a puffer fish,

sea er chants,

Rylan's baby star fish,

 sea slug,


 horseshoe crabs,

sand dollars,

jelly fish,

 and so much more.

Not only did the boys have a blast but Clif, Kevin and I did also.  This snorkeling safari was great for us all, not only was it educational, it was fun, and something new for us all to do as a family together.  This is one adventure that will be talked about for weeks to come.


Lauren Allen said...

how cool is that??! What fun, and educational!!:)

Lily785 said...

How did you touch the jellyfish and sea er chant without any problems??? Me and my family are taking a trip there soon and I was wondering about what we can and cannot touch...

Elizabeth said...

Hello, if you are going on tour, they will let you know what you should and should not touch. As far as jelly fish, as long as they do not have tentacles, you can touch them and not get stung. Hope you all have a blast.