Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunshine & Kayaking

Thursday the boys and I were itching for some adventure so we planned to go kayaking.  Kevin and I thought it would be best for us to do this in the bay since the water would be shallow and the marine life would be more abundant.  My niece Allie decided to join us for the morning.  Kevin and I both had double seated kayaks with Holden riding with Kevin and Rylan with me.  Well, as we all know Rylan did not paddle very long.  Instead he decided to drag his paddle off the side of the kayak which in turn sat us spinning in circles several times.  Allie, who was in a single kayak was speed racing down the bay.

 I think she got a kick out of us spinning round and round, having to stop for snacks, drinks, and the occasional falling out of the kayak!

We did see a couple of sting rays, tons of conch, and crabs.  However, we did not see the turtle the boys were looking forward to on turtle island but other than that we all had a great time but as we all know it is always an advenyure with these boys.

The rest of the afternoon the boys collected small sand crabs,

chased seagulls,

and played games.

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