Friday, July 20, 2012

Time to get messy!!!!

When Holden was about 2 we started painting with pudding.  And every year since then this activity has become messier and messier.  Not to mention the smiles and laughs have become greater each year too.  However, I must say this year's painting with pudding has to be officially the messiest! 

Here are the boys are before the painting began.  

Pretty clean right, then slowly the Rylan started to paint himself and Holden too.  

Then all of a sudden, the mess began and so did the fun..  

Just look at these two!  What a mess! 

But look at those smiles too!  

Priceless and well worth all the mess!  

I love summer days like this and making memories with these two messy boys. 

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Leroy and Sadako said...

Funny...really great...laughed a lot