Thursday, August 9, 2012

A New York Style Wedding

Saturday we gathered, with other wedding guest, under the Brooklyn Bridge to celebrate the union of Clay and Joyce.  The views of the city were spectacular.

I would best describe my cousin Clay as being very laid back, not worrying about anything and to honest just a carefree spirit.  But on Saturday he seemed a little nervous but extremely excited as he waited for his new bride.

The couples nieces were all flower girls and Drew, Clay's nephew, was the ring bearer.

It was so sweet and loving how Joyce's family greeted Clay with open arms.

The ceremony was sentimental too.  Joyce's friend officiated which made the occasion intimate and loving, just what the couple wanted.

After announcing the new couple as husband and wife, the wedding party then rode the carousel together.

Again, the fun and laid back side of Clay and Joyce.

We all walked to the Dumbo Loft where the reception was held.  The venue was so neat!  I loved all the exposed brick, piping, wood beams, and large windows.  My cousin Wesley made the center pieces, which were beautiful and unique.

The food was a nod to the couple too, their were two styles. Southern style which included fried chicken, biscuits, and cornbread and other style was Asian style with noodles, dumplings with chili sauce, sea bass and sticky rice.  It was delicious!  The cake was a view of the city skyline and the cupcakes were nod to their Southern and Asian roots as well.

Clay's college roommates shared stories of their fun times together, which provided us with some laughs.

The band were also friends of Clay and Joyce and they kept everyone dancing the night away with their fun tunes.

What a great celebration for such a sweet couple! But before these two settle in as husband and wife, they are setting off on an adventure of a lifetime to South Africa.  I am sure it will be amazing!  Our wish for Clay and Joyce is for a lifetime of love, laughter, and I am sure adventure, as they begin their journey together.  Congratulations guys!

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