Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Ball

Sunday we kicked off Holden 1st season of Fall Ball.  This is a shortened baseball season to get the kids ready for league up next spring.  Our first practice was Saturday, yes, the day before the game, and to say the kids looked a little an understatement!  I thought for sure Sunday's game was going to be a bust.  But somehow, the kids did pretty well.

Since this is such a shortened season, the request for uniform pants to be all the same was not a must.  Hence the various colors.

So what did Rylan do during the game?  He found a little buddy to pretend they were football players together.

 And you may be wonder what on earth is on his back.  Well, as I was trying to get everything together and get out the door I see Rylan out of the corner of my eye bent down trying to write on his back.  With no doubt a sharpie marker...great!  I asked him, "What in the world are you doing?"  He responds, "I want a number on my back like Holden."  That is why he has white surgical tape with the number 8 on his back.

Never a dull moment, right!  

The kids decided on our team name too.  Any guesses???  The Green Cobras!  How they came up with that name is beyond me.  Now even though I said we did pretty well, we could not pull out a win.  We lost 5-7.

But as we all noticed, the kids were having a blast playing and isn't that all that really matters at this age.

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