Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Back to School for Holden

We officially have a 1st Grader!  WOW!  Isn't that hard to believe.  It just seems like yesterday we were just beginning preschool.  I knew this year was going to be quiet an adjustment for us.  You see for the past 4 years Holden has only gone 1/2 day to preschool and then even Kindergarten last year was only from 8:25-11:15.  I knew going from 8:25-3:00 was going to wear him out.  So for the longest time I did not mention school starting because as I have learned in the past he gets a little anxious and then is dreading the actual "start" of school.  So this year I took a different approach and just said school will be starting back in a couple of weeks and so on and he seemed fine with the start of school.  Then on Monday I mention what I planning on packing for his lunch and then the look on his face said it all.  "What?! I stay at school for lunch?"  "Well, I am not going."  Oh Geez, here we go!!!  And yes, this conversation continued all night long, along with the tears, which I think was coming from the fear or anxiety of something new.  Tuesday morning, Holden woke up in a good mood and excited.  Hmm, maybe after a good nights sleep he calmed down.  Wishful thinking right?!  I made a special "Back to School" breakfast with apple waffles, which I knew would put everyone in a good mood.

And I was right all was good up until it was time to actually get in the car and leave for school.

Then he started again about how he was only going to go half day and so on. As soon as we pulled up to school, he saw one of his friends and all was ok.  Relief again!  Rylan and I walked him to his classroom, where again he saw some familiar faces, which eased his fears.  After several big hugs we said "Goodbye" to our big first grader.

Rylan on the other hand was a little lost without Holden, we went to the park and he just did not want to play.  Poor little guy was sad his best friend was gone to school all day.

To help pass the time we made a big cookie and set out some after school treats.

At pick-up Holden was all smiles, very tired, but all smiles and he said several times had a great day.

At home, Holden quickly changed into his play clothes and went right back to being himself.  When I tried to get him to take a picture with his big cookie this is what he did...

I guess he was excited and wanted to dig in!

Today, I am happy to report no tears on the way to school and I truly do believe we are going to have a wonderful year now that his fears have all been lifted.

Me on the other hand, I did have a little bit of sadness yesterday and today.  Yes, Holden may drive me crazy at times, and yes, I may never get anything done all day because I am cleaning up "messes" but I miss the little guy.  He has been with me so much since the day he was born that this really is the longest we have ever been apart.  Yikes!  My little man is growing up!  I suppose the saying is true, "The days are long, but the years are so short.”  Remind me again, where is the pause button on these kids?!

As we begin this new school year, my wish for Holden besides the learning aspect, is to enjoy his 1st grade year, make lots of friends and fill his days with fun, laughs, and lots of memories.

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