Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's a Foamtastic kind of day!

Now that Holden is in school, it's just me and Rylan most of the day.  We have been to the park, played with friends, played games and so forth but I still believe he is a little lost without Holden.  So when I saw that our church was holding their annual Preschool Foamtastic Party I knew I had to sign Rylan up.  He could play with kids his own age and if you remmeber from last year, he went a little crazy playing in the suds.  A foam party is just like a huge bubble bath without the water.

As I called it, Rylan was the first one in!

He was running around, not affraid of anything, while the other kids stood close to the edge.  Oh no, not Rylan!  He is up for anything!  Sliding, jumping, running, and yes being a wild boy!  I swear, the messier this kid gets, the more fun he has!  Just look at his face, he could not be happier!

I guess a little foam was all Rylan needed to help his day go by a little faster until we picked Holden  from school.

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