Friday, August 10, 2012

Packing it in!

School starts back in less than two weeks so we are filling our last couple of days with fun.  Thursday we began at Tramell Fossil Park.

The boys love this place.  There is nothing fancy, just a bunch of rock and fossils.  The boys brought their buckets and paint brushes in search for the best fossils.

After searching Holden did find a rock with a small crystallization on it.

Trust me a saw this as a true "treasure".

Once we were good and hot, and had plenty of fossils too, we went to the spray park to cool off after a picnic lunch.  These two are just too funny in the water.

As if playing in the water was not fun enough, then the boys figured out that since they were wet it would be fun to go down the slide super fast!

To finish off our day, we ended with root beer floats at the famous Root Beer Stand.

A jam packed day but it was sure fun.

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