Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tennis Time!

Saturday was the beginning of the Western & Southern Open.

I love this tournament!  Not only is the facility so close to the house and literally behind Holden's school but it pulls some of the top players in the tennis world.  Kevin always laughs at the fact that Cincinnati is among the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 because the other cities included in this tour are Indian Wells, Madrid, Miami, Monte-Carlo, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Toronto, and yes, Cincinnati!  I guess Cincinnati does not really "fit" among the others but I am so glad it does.   I think this is just a great opportunity not only us but for the kids to enjoy world class tennis without going far.

The Lindner Family Tennis Center is beautiful!  The landscaping alone is just gorgeous to look at and this year they have added a huge food area that the boys loved.

The seating was on turf and they even had a new Champagne Bar, which I thought was pretty cool.

Saturday there were several qualifying matches going on but we chose to watch the practices of some of the top players.

First we watched Roger Federer.

He is one of my favorite to watch,  he is just so classy.  Not to mention he a great player.

Then we watched Andy Roddick, who let's just say was having a bad day.

He was yelling, screaming, and even throwing his racket.

Kevin tried to explain to the boys that this was not how you play or how you act.

It is poor sportsmanship but you know the boys thought it was funny to see him get so mad.  Hmm, this sounds like how he played last year when we watched him play.

We took a break from watching tennis to play a little kids mini tennis they had set up.

While we were waiting for our turn to play, the boys received armbands from someone, which made their day!

After playing tennis and lunch we headed over to see Olympic Gold Medalist, Andy Murray!

As you can see, he was welcomed in like a rock star!  We was signing autographs and taking picture before he finally was able to practice.  But once he started practicing, you could totally see why he is one of the best.

WOW!  His serves were flawless.

Such as fun day of tennis and a great opportunity for all of us to see some of the top players in the world.

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